Director's Note


Good day!My name is Kimberley and I have been gifted the calling to be the Executive Director of a Women’s Treatment Centre like no other I have come across.  Narrow Road Home has a staff that has truly been hand-picked by God to walk this journey of faith and mentorship which does not have many days of rest or when our phones aren’t ringing day or night to answer calls for help from women in distress.  But we cannot continue do this alone.  Close to half of our monthly expenses are now coming from our savings as we have not met our budget in close to a year.   Our costs for the food, rent, mortgage, staffing, coaching and client care are very high.  We can house up to 21 women in the 2 homes we have operating.

We are currently a private treatment centre and choose to not go the route of seeking non-profit status as we simply do not have the staff or man-power to do continuous fund-raising.  We simply need partners to sponsor a portion a part of a women’s stay in our recovery house of hope and healing, the portion she cannot pay.   The ladies and/or their families must pay what they can in relation to their income (most often it’s welfare), they need to have skin in the game and show the desire and willingness to want this help more than they want any other means of escape.  They need to have come to the end of themselves and be ready to wholly surrender their old way of life, to begin anew.

There is no way to even attempt to paint an accurate picture of what we experience daily at the Narrow Road Home.  It oddly cheapens the process to use overuse the term miracle, but one would have to watch it play out daily to truly believe its power as it manifests in the women we serve.  From the streets of hell, the overcrowded  prisons across Canada, from the white collar background to the life of a trafficked soul we are witness to the awesome power that simple act of surrender displays in the mighty hands of our Creator.  We cannot make a promise that every woman that crosses our threshold will get well, be restored and transformed.  That her marriage will be saved and that her children will call her mom again and her family and friends will decide she is to trusted once more.  That would make us liars.

What we can promise you with 100% accuracy is that every woman who makes a decision to die to her old self, surrender her old patterns of thinking and free fall into God’s plan and will for her broken life will become a REDEMPTION story!  It is what I, and our amazing team of dedicated staff (whom I lovingly call warrior women on the Battlefield) wake up for each morning. We are called by God.  There are those dark days when our hearts ache and souls mourn over the news of another death due to overdose or a woman who has run back to the bottle and her abuser but we do not give up or give in to the lie that anyone is beyond hope, our help or the Almighty’s healing.  Your eyes will be opened to stories of Victory in the real life video stories we will share with you as our partners in the “fight for what is right" and the calling we all have within us to help our fellow man.   You will have access to monthly newsletter updates to see first-hand where your gift is lending hope and healing.   You will be issued Charitable receipts as we operate under the Great Commission Foundation,  whom at our inception, spent a great deal of time and due diligence to ensure we were operating under a specific, highly reputable treatment model.  We have a 4 year track record and evidence of many restored lives and families that continues to grow.

If you feel called or led to walk this journey on the Narrow Road with us we are so very grateful and even more so are the women and families whose lives you are forever changing.

 Kim and her messages of faith and recovery can be heard on the Sun Country Radio Station, High River 99.7fm on the first Thursday of each month at 8am.